Super-powered gangster


Affiliations: Solo d8, Buddy d6, Team d4
Distinctions: Brutal Enforcer, Intimidating Appearance, Relentless

Power Set: Mutagenic Might
Enhanced Reflexes d8, Enhanced Speed d8, Superhuman Durability d10, Superhuman Strength d10

SFX: Invulnerable. Spend d6 fro the doom pool to ignore physical stress or physical trauma unless caused by an energy-based attack.
SFX: Pulverizer. Spend d6 from the doom pool to double Superhuman Strength for one action.

Limit: Sunlight Sensitivity. Step up or add d6 to the doom pool and step up stress inflicted by sunlight or solar-based attacks by +1.

Specialties: Combat Expert d8, Crime Expert d8, Menace Master d10


Lonnie Thompson Lincoln was a bully in school and grew into a mobster as an adult. His powers come from mutation and they’ve allowed him to go far in the criminal underworld. He has worked for the Kingpin and gone toe-to-toe with Taskmaster in the Assassin game. Tombstone has fought Daredevil, Spider-Man, and the Punisher before.

Tombstone attempted to take advantage of the chaos in the aftermath of Hydro-Man’s attack on the raft, leading a group of female inmates towards freedom. He and his impromptu gang were defeated thanks to Cannonball and Brother Voodoo. Tombstone did not escape and remains incarcerated.


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